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Experience the luxury of sleeping on premium, eco-friendly materials with our artisan-made beds and mattresses, crafted with cutting-edge technologies for maximum comfort and longevity.

Get the perfect sleeping surface with our premium selection of beds and mattresses, catering to different sleep preferences. Our products offer a blend of comfort and support, with options for both firm and soft mattresses. Our mattresses also promote healthy spinal alignment for better sleep quality and reduced pain.

At MAA Beds & Mattresses, we understand that everyone has unique needs and preferences when it comes to their sleep. That’s why we offer a wide selection of mattresses designed to fit different body types and comfort levels. Find your perfect match today.

Experience a comfortable night’s sleep with our mattresses that are designed to offer optimal support and contour to the shape of your body. Contrary to popular belief, a firm mattress is not always the best solution for a bad back. Our mattresses feature core pocket springs that come in different firmness levels to provide the right amount of support, while our mini pocket springs help relieve pressure. Achieve a neutral spinal alignment and enjoy the benefits of a good night’s sleep with our range of high-quality mattresses.

Our trained artisans carefully handcraft each product using only the best materials from reliable suppliers. Additionally, in order to make changes and guarantee client happiness, we frequently evaluate consumer comments and subject our products to strict quality control requirements.

Yes, a lot of our happy clients have told us how much they love our beds and mattresses. They frequently comment on our products’ remarkable longevity, superior comfort, and enhanced sleep quality. We are happy to hear such encouraging comments and are constantly striving to give the best products and customer service.

Remove dust and fluff from your mattress every few months using a soft brush. Never use a vacuum cleaner, even if you have a specific mattress attachment, as this can displace the natural fillings. Any spillages should be absorbed using a dry cloth or paper towels. If you need to sponge the mattress, use a damp cloth and a very mild solution of soap and water.

We recommend turning or rotating your mattress regularly during the first few months and about twice a year thereafter. A good way to remember is when the clocks change. If you struggle to rotate your mattress, do not worry, this is only a recommendation to help reduce body impressions.

In the unlikely event that a problem should arise you should contact the retailer within 72 hours after delivery.

All our mattresses are suitable for people with allergies, as wool is naturally hypoallergenic.

In the first instance use clean dry towels or paper towels to absorb any moisture quickly. Clean stains with warm water and a gentle soap cleaner. Make sure you wring out your cloth so that it is as dry as possible. Never use detergents or chemical cleaners as these could damage the mattress fabric surface or the fillings. Do not rub the fabric vigorously as this could damage it. Leave to dry in the open with as much air circulating as possible.

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